Lemony Snippet – an unusual use for lemons

Our downstairs neighbour gifted us a rather sad looking brass pot when she moved overseas. It has been mouldering in the laundry ever since looking lost and alone. Here is what the poor thing looked like before its makeover ..


As you can see the pot has a bit of an 80s Copper Art vibe. This vibe is shared with our bathroom  (picture brown floor tiles and a tinted glass shower screen) so last weekend I decided to go the whole hog and go the maiden hair fern brass pot in bathroom look circa 1982 ie:


(this is not a picture of our actual bathroom btw but it is reminiscent as our bathroom actually has brown wooden roof beams)

Bracing myself for a walk up to the shops to spend $8 on a bottle of Brasso I decided to google household tips for cleaning brass. Very happy to report that you can clean brass with a couple of lemons and some salt! Here is how …

Cut the lemons in half and tip a teaspoon or two of salt into a saucer. Then dip the lemon in the salt and rub it on the brass. The salt acts a bit like a facial scrub and ‘exfoliates’ the brass.


When the lemon starts to lose its lemony-ness you can cut off the top layer and redip in the salt. You can also cut the lemon into smaller pieces to clean tricky to reach places (I did this to clean around the handles).

Once you have finished cleaning you should wipe the surface down with a damp cloth (I actually just rinsed the pot under the tap – it is pretty cactus!)

Here is the pot all shiny and ferned …

the finished product

Felt like a winner. A chemical free miracle that saved $8 and used up two lemons to make a pot very happy.

Probably a good idea to do a test patch somewhere unobtrusive if you are cleaning something special or delicate!